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The many lake communities of Northeast Indiana are a popular attraction and living within each of them are seniors and retirees.

But according to Brent Sines of Postema Insurance & Investments, LLC, these groups often lack guidance when it comes to their retirement, estate and legacy plan, and financial portfolios.

“There is a void in the retirement community,” said Sines.

Expanding from Defiance, Ohio, to Hamilton, Ind., in 2011, Postema’s specialties have grown to include educating and protecting retirees with everything from free seminars to client consultation. These seminars — often held at libraries in Fremont, Angola, and Auburn — offer free books on Medicare options, advice on protecting nest eggs, as well as retirement and legacy planning.

“We deal a lot with Medicare supplements. Many seniors think that because their premiums go up, everyone’s must go up. If they’ve been with the same company for more than a couple years, it’s likely we can save them a lot of money,” Sines explained.

One of the most common misconceptions Sines and other agents work to address is that many retirees feel they have been locked into a 401(k) or other investment/retirement plans.

“Even if their retirement plans were set up 20 years ago, people do have safe money options,” said Sines.

In addition to exploring new options for clients, Postema works with attorneys and accountants to advise seniors and retirees on how to alleviate tax burdens and increase estate sizes.

“We’re not big believers in one size fits all; we look at the whole picture,” Sines said. The majority of retiree’s biggest goals are to protect their money and not outlive it.”

He said a lot of retirees are invested in the market and may have their entire retirement at risk in order to try and earn potentially higher interest or have their money in cd’s for safety but are earning very little. Not realizing they can probably have the best of both worlds.

“We’re able to go in and show them how to earn good interest, and be protected against market loss.”

The bottom line for Postema Insurance is the ability to help people.

“I like the fact that we can go in and put people in a better situation,” Sines said. “If we can help a senior save $50 a month, it’s worth it — it’s rewarding.

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