Lead for God’s Sake     

Todd Gongwer, the author of Lead… for God’s Sake! visited the Postema Insurance and Investments, LLC headquarters and gave a presentation about his life story and about his inspirational book.

About Lead… for God’s Sake!

Steve Rocker, one of the most successful high school basketball coaches in Kentucky’s history, is about to enter into the most difficult season of his career. With expectations at an all-time high, his players have lost their will to win and their passion for the game; none of Coach Rocker’s tried and true motivational methods are working, and he doesn’t know why.

As the season continues to spiral downward and his home life begins to mirror the problems he’s facing on the court, Coach Rocker stumbles upon a most unlikely mentor— Joe Taylor, the school’s janitor, who seems to have the answers to all of the Coach’s problems.

About Todd Gongwer

Todd Gongwer is a Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, and former college basketball Coach who is passionate about helping others discover their purpose in leadership and in life!

He has spent over twenty years developing his expertise in the areas of leadership and team dynamics through a wide range of experiences spanning the world of business and athletics. He has held executive level positions in companies ranging from entrepreneurial start-up to public entity. In addition, Todd served as an assistant college basketball coach for one of the most successful programs in the country during the 1990’s. Since writing Lead…for God’s Sake! Todd has become a sought after speaker, teacher, and coach on the subject of leadership throughout the nation.